888 Tows Now Buys Used Vehicles!

888 Tows is a respected Myrtle Beach tow truck company. We now buy used vehicles and we frequently offer above dealership, Car Max, and Carvana trade in offers. If you want to sell your used car or truck, give us a call!

We offer the best prices and terms compared to selling it privately. Based on the information you provide along with an honest valuation; we will make you an offer for your used vehicle that is usually well above the average.

Don’t Overestimate

Some car owners are inclined to overestimate the value of their used car, which can lead to unrealistic expectations when it comes time to sell. We suggest that you start by looking at Kelley Blue Book for a reasonable estimate. You can also get an offer from a dealership or online store. The next step is to call 888 Tows!

Get Some Cash

Selling your used car or truck to 888 Tows is a straightforward way to get some cash. We will provide you with a bill of sale and help you sign over the car’s title to us.

If your primary goal is to sell your used vehicle quickly and conveniently, selling to us is a great option.

Contact 888 Tows today to talk about selling your used vehicle.