Exotic and High-End Car Towing

Exotic and High-End cars are major investments and deserve to be treated with the best possible care. When it comes to your vehicle, nothing gives you peace of mind more than knowing that there’s someone who shares your passion.

If you have some sort of malfunction or issue, your car can stop working right in the middle of the road. Just like every car owner you will have to call a tow truck, but you are worried that they will mishandle your car or make it worse. That’s why you need to call 888 Tows, we provide excellent exotic and high-end car towing services.

Exotic Car Towing

Exotic cars need extra care when being towed. Here are some factors that you need to think about: 

  1. Weight and Dimensions: Exotic cars often have lower ground clearances, wider bodies, and lower overall heights compared to regular cars. This requires special care to ensure the towing equipment doesn’t damage the car’s bodywork.
  2. Suspension and Handling: Exotic cars tend to have more sensitive suspension systems and handling characteristics. Towing must be done carefully to avoid causing damage or putting stress on these systems.
  3. Value and Fragility: Exotic cars are often more expensive and have unique construction materials or components that are costly to repair or replace. This requires extra caution during towing to prevent any damage.
  4. Special Requirements: Some exotic cars, especially high-performance models, might have specific towing requirements outlined by the manufacturer. Ignoring these guidelines could lead to warranty issues or damage to the car.

To ensure the safety of the vehicle being towed, it’s advisable to use a towing service experienced in handling exotic cars or one that has the appropriate equipment designed for such vehicles.

Towing a High-End Car

High-end car towing differs from towing a regular car in several ways:

  1. Precision and Handling: High-end cars often have lower ground clearance, wider bodies, and more advanced suspension systems. Towing such cars requires greater precision and care to avoid damage to the bodywork or sensitive components.
  2. Value and Sensitivity: High-end cars are usually more expensive and may have intricate, delicate features. Towing these vehicles requires heightened attention to prevent any damage that could be costly to repair.
  3. Specialized Equipment: Some high-end cars have unique designs or features that necessitate specialized towing equipment. Tow trucks or flatbeds used for these cars might have additional features to ensure a secure and safe transport.
  4. Manufacturer Guidelines: Manufacturers of high-end cars might have specific guidelines or recommendations for towing their vehicles. Following these guidelines is crucial to avoid voiding warranties or causing unintended damage.
  5. Expertise and Experience: Towing companies experienced in handling high-end vehicles are often better equipped to deal with their intricacies. They understand the nuances of these cars and employ techniques to ensure safe towing without compromising the vehicle’s integrity.

Overall, towing a high-end car requires a higher level of expertise, specialized equipment, and careful attention compared to towing a regular car. Utilizing services tailored for high-end vehicles can significantly reduce the risk of any mishaps during towing.

So if your exotic, high-end, or vintage vehicle breaks down in the middle of nowhere, call 888 Tows, a certified towing company that offers exotic towing services.