888 Tows Offers Specialty Vehicle Towing

Specialty vehicle towing refers to the transportation of vehicles that require specialized handling, care, or equipment due to their unique characteristics, size, weight, or design. These vehicles often need custom towing methods to ensure their safe transport without causing damage. Here are some examples of vehicles that might require specialty towing:

1. Exotic Cars and Luxury Vehicles

High-value vehicles, such as sports cars, classic cars, or luxury automobiles, often need extra care during transportation to prevent damage to their sensitive components, low clearance, or unique bodywork. Flatbed towing is commonly used for these vehicles.

2. Motorcycles

Towing motorcycles requires specialized equipment designed to secure and transport bikes safely without causing any damage. Motorcycle towing can involve using trailers or specialized motorcycle carriers.

3. RVs and Motorhomes

Recreational vehicles and motorhomes are sizable and may require heavy-duty towing equipment capable of handling their weight. Specialized towing services equipped with appropriate machinery are necessary for these vehicles.

4. Large Trucks and Commercial Vehicles

Heavy-duty trucks, box trucks, or other commercial vehicles may need specialty towing due to their weight, size, or the nature of their cargo. Heavy-duty tow trucks are used to transport these vehicles safely.

5. Boats and Trailers

Towing boats and trailers requires specialized equipment and often involves flatbed trailers or towing vehicles specifically designed for hauling boats.

6. Off-Road Vehicles and ATVs

Transportation of off-road vehicles, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), or dune buggies may need specific trailers or carriers capable of handling their unique designs.

7. Disabled or Custom Vehicles

Customized vehicles, modified vehicles for disabled individuals, or vehicles with special features might require careful handling and specific towing techniques to prevent damage to their modifications.


At 888 Tows we are professionals trained in handling various types of vehicles and we have specialized equipment tailored to the specific needs of these vehicles. We prioritize safety and take extra precautions to ensure that the transported vehicles reach their destination without any damage or complications. Our goal is to provide safe and reliable transportation for vehicles that require more attention due to their unique characteristics.