Electric Winch

towing service during an emergency

At 888 Tows we have a truck with an electric winch so we can help you out of these kinds of situations. 

  • Anchoring the Recovery Vehicle

To prevent your vehicle to be dragged towards the stuck rig while recovering the other vehicle, it is very important to anchor it properly. While securing your rig to prevent this, never ever use the rear bumper or the rear recovery points.

  • Common Mistake

The tremendous power of a winch can stretch and pull the frame of the vehicle and disfigure it. To prevent this you need to use two recovery points on the front of your rig and then run the rigging under your vehicle and back to an anchor point.

  • Uses of an Electric Winch

It is used when working on a home, boat or mobile manufacturing plant. These big items need to be moved unto or off its frame because it is impossible to position those heavy pieces into place. Suppose a vehicle or semi-truck has rolled and needs to be pulled unto its upright position. A quick response needs the vehicle removed from the accident scene for the traffic to resume again. Nothing will lift those heavy vehicles more efficiently than a Winch. The care and efficiency that is given to remove the damaged vehicle is amazing to watch.

  • Using the Winch

The Tow Truck will have a Heavy Duty Winch mounted behind the cab. A parallel-shaft gear ensures efficient power for rolled trailers and vehicles up to 5000 pounds. The operator pulls equipment out or through water, mud and other debris to set it free. With the Remote Controlled switch he can easily control what is happening from a distance. The powerful cable is attached to the other end of its primary target, then with a careful and steady hand the operator uses the Remote Control to pull the object unto the tow truck.

  • Wire Rope

Make sure that the wire rope is correctly rated for the winch and the load it will pull, including the hook or shackles that are attached. Always check the test certificate of the rope and the attached hooks and ensure its capability to handle the load. Another good point you should check that the wire rope is wound neatly unto the winch drum.

Use clamps on the wire rope with the correct number type, size and at least three clamps which are spaced quite a bit apart with the nuts on each clamp tightened equally. A heavy blanket or a jacket should be used over the wire rope. The blanket serves as a visual warning for the bystanders not trip over it and cause a rope failure which can prevent the broken rope from whipping about as well.

  • Safety to Others

Make sure that everyone keeps away from the activity area because the operator of the heavy equipment cannot see everyone around him.

Source by Mary Plett

Always be prepared! Put the phone number of 888 Tows (843-888-8697) in your contacts. This way you are able to call us right away when a breakdown happens. We are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day to help you after a breakdown to either get you on the road again or tow your vehicle to a mechanics or dealers shop.

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