Can Fix-a-Flat Damage Tire Pressure Monitor Sensors?

Expert opinions have shifted but Fix-a-Flat will not damage your sensor but it may be a wiser choice to have your vehicle towed or spare tire used instead.

The relationship between Tire Pressure Monitoring System sensors and products like Fix-a-Flat is complicated. Conventional wisdom has said for a while that products like Fix-A-Flat and TPMS sensors don’t mix, but expert opinions have shifted in recent years.

*Note -This article addresses TPMS sensors that are located inside the tire, which is the case for many original equipment (OE) TPMS sensors and many aftermarket sensors. Since these sensors are built into the valve stem, the delicate sensor portion is located inside the tire. If your TPMS has sensors that are built into the cap, don’t worry. There’s no way for products like Fix-a-Flat to damage your sensors.

Does Fix-a-Flat Damage Tire Pressure Sensors?

Fix-a-Flat will not damage a tire pressure monitor sensor simply by coming into contact with it. There are a number of concerns you need to be aware of when using Fix-a-Flat in a tire that contains a tire pressure monitor sensor, but the bottom line is that you can use it in an emergency situation as long as you take the necessary steps to protect your sensors afterwards.

In our own opinion we feel that if you are unsure, it is better to have your vehicle towed to your tire shop for repair or replace your flat tire with a spare tire.

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